The Much Needed Breakdown – Crying.

I never realized crying could heal someone until l found myself crying silently. With every tear and between little sobs, I experienced unknown pain and hollowness escaping from my body. Just moments before I broke down, I was all happy, relaxed and just going through with the session. The session was during the NLP training…… Continue reading The Much Needed Breakdown – Crying.

How to Truly Make Your Parents Proud of You.

How many times as a child have we felt that we are not being acknowledged or appreciated by our parents for all the efforts and hard work that we put to make them feel proud?  That’s because, Since childhood, our good behavior has always been overlooked by our accomplishments and we have often received more…… Continue reading How to Truly Make Your Parents Proud of You.

How An Advice By a Monk Changed My Life.

After the meditation class got over, it was Q&A time. Everyone had different questions but all were aligned to seeking answers to solve their daily life problems. So when it was my turn, I raised my hand shyly to ask this one simple question which was already asked by many. But I wanted to hear…… Continue reading How An Advice By a Monk Changed My Life.

12 Relationship Goals For The Year 2018

“The primary goal of our relationship is to live life full of beautiful experiences. And we accomplish that by doing things together”. Experiences for us could be in any form, be it daily routine chores that we do together, learn new stuff, help each another cultivate a new habit, travelling, health and fitness, building relationship with…… Continue reading 12 Relationship Goals For The Year 2018

How Schools Are Killing Creativity

The boy raised his hand and asked the teacher, “Mam, while studying Geography, I often have this doubt that who created planet earth?” The teacher glared at the child and scolded the child saying, “Concentrate on what I am teaching now. Keep such silly doubts at home and don’t distract the class.” The whole class…… Continue reading How Schools Are Killing Creativity