I am always motivated to keep my spirits high, no matter what.

What inspired me to first make my life beautiful was death. Questions kept raining in my head one after the other.

What is the purpose of our lives? What happens to us after we die? What is soul? How to live a happy life?

And the more I tried digging deep to find answers, I started to realize that life is simple –  Life offers us a clean sheet of paper and now it is up to us to decide how and what do we fill the sheet with. 

I had options to choose between Red emotions – anger, resentment, greed, frustration, anxiety, blame, doubt and guilt or green emotions – joy, forgiveness, humor, excitement, hope, contentment, humbleness and compassion. The color green always makes me feel fresh and calm and I think that’s because it is one of the colors of nature.

My objective now is to break down all the unnecessary complexities that we form in our head and show how simple life really is.