“Be aware in Delhi. People are smart and cunning.”

“Be careful. It’s a notorious city. Don’t get into any arguments with anyone. People have no value of life there, they can stab you over a petty issue.”

“Do your own work. Don’t try to help people even if asked. You could get intoxicated or cheated and put yourself in unwanted risk.”

“Keep yourself hydrated. Also, you are aware of the pollution in Delhi, so take of yourself. Stay in and don’t try to explore the city much in the heat.”

I have temporarily moved to Delhi and with all this advice and warning from my family and relatives, I felt like I’m moving to a new city to stay scared rather than to explore and soak in the vibrations of the city that has everything to offer from food, culture, language, crime, affection, history, infrastructure and most importantly the people who keep the city moving.

It’s been 19 days since I moved here and I have witnessed crime for two consecutive days, kind and helping commuters in the metro, both courteous and rude auto drivers, family-like colleagues at the office, and friendly street vendors.

What’s getting added to my belief is that though this is a city of crime, filth, and hostility, It’s also a city where people display random acts of kindness, express love and offer to happily help.

As it’s rightly said there are two sides of the same coin. And I’m seeing Delhi and experiencing it truly from a space of admiration.

So, where was I residing before?

I have stayed all my life in Madurai. A buzzing city in Tamilnadu which is popularly called as Thoonga Nagaram – a city that never sleeps. 

When people here often ask me if I’m missing my family, I honestly reply to them, “I miss those soft fluffy idlis and crispy ghee dosa more than my family.”

Just I write idli, my senses pick up the taste of the hot steaming sambhaar with drumsticks & small onions and the white coconut chutney that just adds taste to a perfect breakfast and dinner.

I’m starting to feel hungry and will have to take off now but before I say goodbye, I would like to share the reason why I’m writing about Delhi today is that I intend to share everyday stories of my beautiful positive experiences in this city whose image has been greatly tarnished with nothing but stories of murder, rape, drug, and alcohol.

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