How to Truly Make Your Parents Proud of You.

How many times as a child have we felt that we are not being acknowledged or appreciated by our parents for all the efforts and hard work that we put to make them feel proud? 

That’s because,

Since childhood, our good behavior has always been overlooked by our accomplishments and we have often received more appreciation when we either get good grades or win a competition.

And our good behavior and attitude are not as praised or cherished to an extent to that of our accomplishments.

This starts to make us believe that, the more successful we are, the happier and proud our parents would feel about us. 

But then we start to realize that in spite of being successful and progressive in our lives, our parents are still unhappy.

So it’s important to understand what is it that we can truly gift our parents to make them sincerely feel appreciative of us. 

Here is a list of 5 important values that we can exhibit which would any day top the list of things that would swell our parent’s heart with pride.

Making Time

More than anything else in the world, all that our parents look upon us is for us to spend time with them.

Like how our parents were always available whilst we were growing, all they expect in return is for us to be there with them when they are growing old.

Here is a small list of little efforts that we can take, to be able to give them the gift of time.

  • Hold their hands and talk to them.
  • Take them to a place where they enjoy being.
  • Check on them, if there is something that they need. They hesitate to share, thinking that we are busy with work and family.
  • Listen to them. Just as we enjoy sharing our beautiful childhood memories, they had one too.

Being Forgiving

Chances are that our parents screwed some things during our childhood. And chances are, we start to notice all of these screw-ups while we are in our 20’s.

It’s crucial for us to realize that parenting doesn’t come with a descriptive manual. 

  • Hug them when you feel sorry.
  • Accept and love them unconditionally as that’s how they have loved us.
  • Write a sincere apology note when you realize you have hurt them.
  • Offer them the space to be themselves because for a long time they chose to be someone else to be able to fulfill all our desires and needs.

But perhaps the first duty of adulthood — true adulthood is to the acknowledge, respect, and forgive our parent’s flaws. They’re people too.

They’re doing their best, even though they don’t always know what the best is.

Sharing Gratitude

As a parent when you do something amazing for your child, you expect that someday your kid is going to come and thank you for what you had done.

And our parents probably share the same experience.

There are many ways to express gratitude to our parents and the few impactful ones are:

  • Spend time with them.
  • Surprising them with gifts.
  • Expressing gratitude and honor in words.
  • Hugging them and saying, “I love you”.
  • Assuring them of our presence whenever needed.

Sharing responsibilities

As we are young, we are so busy building our lives that we often forget to share responsibilites of our parents.

They have already sacrificed so much of their time and energy in helping us grow that they could barely pursue their own interests or find time for themselves.

  • Buying the groceries
  • Doing the dishes.
  • Cleaning the house.
  • Paying for certain expenses.
  • Buying medicines.
  • Paying the bills on time.

So as we share their responsibilities, it allows them to enjoy more time and space to work on something that they would love to do.

And also allows them to relax and unwind themselves to enjoy and make the most out of their life.

There is definitely a lot that we can do to help them breathe easy with a happy mind.

Being a good human being

Our parents feel proud when we are polite, caring, generous, and respectful to our family and friends. It is very important to value the principles that our parents have inculcated in us.

When they give us an advice or suggestion, consider taking their ideas into account. Do not argue or be disrespectful.

Learning to admit mistakes and seeing us grow into a good human being will surely make our parents proud.

“By walking on the path they have shown us, by living with the good habits they cultivated in us, and by growing up into a wonderful person. We can definitely show them how much we love them and make them feel PROUD of us in the true sense”.






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