How An Advice By a Monk Changed My Life.

After the meditation class got over, it was Q&A time. Everyone had different questions but all were aligned to seeking answers to solve their daily life problems.

So when it was my turn, I raised my hand shyly to ask this one simple question which was already asked by many. But I wanted to hear it for myself as though the solution belonged only to me.

So, I asked the teacher, “I don’t like situations where there is immense aggression but in today’s impatient world I am unable to avoid getting angry, irritated or upset. So how do I learn to make my life more peaceful”?

The monk smiled in agreement and then answered my question with an example. And  he asked me, “What is the first thing that you do when you start losing control of the vehicle that you are driving”?.

I replied instantly, “Obviously the brakes, to bring the car to a halt”.

The monk smiled gently and said, “That’s exactly you need to do. If you ever feel angry, irritated or upset with someone, avoid the desire to react instantaneously”.

If someone is provoking you by their harsh words or negative emotions, press the break, pause and DO NOT REACT. 

If you observe that the person who tries provoking you, expects you to react. If you remain silent, they tend to use more stronger words to trigger your emotions.

They want to see you react with equal pain, anger and frustration. They want to inflict you with their negative emotions.

Don’t get crushed into their negative demand and react. You are allowing them to win over your emotional and physical loss.

If you react, then there is this continuous chain of exchange of negative words and emotions that affects one’s physical and emotional health.

In today’s, competitive world where everyone is running to win the race of SUCCESS, love, forgiveness and compassion have become rare gifts to display. 

So, just breathe, smile and forgive from within. Why allow someone to pile their share of garbage on our head and stress in our mind.






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Rishi Jain

Hi! I'm Rishi Jain, and I write about building a rewarding family life through mindful parenting, hands-on learning and creative family activities.

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