12 Relationship Goals For The Year 2018

“The primary goal of our relationship is to live life full of beautiful experiences. And we accomplish that by doing things together”.


Experiences for us could be in any form, be it daily routine chores that we do together, learn new stuff, help each another cultivate a new habit, travelling, health and fitness, building relationship with family and other relatives and anything that helps us grow together.

So we excitedly prepared this list of goals for the year 2018 and are determined to strike each one of them off by the end of the year.

Read 12 Books in 12 Months: We have missed on reading for quite sometime and are looking to get back on track by starting to read at least one book a month.

Go on a Trek: We enjoy travelling together and are looking to go on a beautiful one week trek together.

Watch a Cricket Match at a Stadium: We don’t follow sports much. But we want to experience being amidst a cheering crowd and watch the stars play.


Turn Off All Gadgets Before Sleep: It’s something that we are already practicing but not impressively disciplined. So, this year we intend to constantly motivate and remind each other of this goal.

Cook a Meal Together: Since both of us are foodies. We would like to see how cooking a new dish together would turn out to be.

Backpacking in South East Asia: Vietnam would be our second backpacking trip for a month. And we are looking forward to travel with less weight, more cost cutting ideas and lots of fun in comparison to the last year trip.

Two day Tech Free: Stay away from gadgets and spend a weekend together in a resort located in the mountains. Go cycling, sit near a lake and relax, get a nice massage, spend time together, meet the locals, play games and BREATHE.


Volunteer Together: We are looking forward to organize a one day fun workshop at an orphanage – playing outdoors with them, organizing activities to share valuable life lessons, sharing food and also most importantly listening to them.

Create and Design Our Own Meditation Space: We are excited to design our own yoga and meditation space and fill that room with plenty of positive vibes and feel good aura.

Organic Terrace Gardening: As my wife is a fitness freak, she came up with this idea of starting organic gardening at our terrace. The thought of growing something with care and love seemed very interesting.


Run a 5K Mini Marathon: We want to do this together to establish a sense of achievement.

Go on a Planned Date Night: Finding an evening to spend time with each other, relishing good food with chat and humor.

Watch Sunrise and Sunset the Same Day: The beauty of sunrise and sunset always fascinates us. But we have never watched both, the same day.






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