Respect your Parents – Inspired by a Real Life Event

“I hate you Mom, I don’t like you being so fussy about me. I feel embarrassed when you hug me in front of my friends or come to pick me up at school. Can you please just stay away from me”.

Mom was hurt by his words. She wasn’t furious with him for being so impolite and mean in spite of loving him so much. She was more concerned about losing him. She was trying her best to make him talk to her and spend time with her. But the more she tried, the farther he’d go. 

The son wasn’t able to see how much his mother loved him. She was all alone after her husband’s death and all she ever cared was for him. She longed for him to display some love and respect for her. Her heart was literally begging her son to recognize and appreciate all the efforts and hard work she had taken to raise him as a single parent.

But then one day…

She was all alone at home and she had an attack. No one knows for how long was she gasping for breath. But the dry tears from her eyes reflected that she wanted to meet her son for one last time before she would finally rest in peace.

The son cam home from school and opened the door shouting, “Mom what did you pack for lunch? You know I hate potatoes. Mom where are you? Are you listening to me?”

He walked past the hall across her room and opened the door to find her lying on the floor. Her hands were cold. The son started to panic. He shouted in fear not knowing what had happened to her. He couldn’t believe his mother was no more. He was profusely crying with this sudden catastrophe that had struck him, leaving him all alone.

After two weeks…

Few of his relatives had come over on a weekend to check on him. And he hugs his uncle and cries a lot. He sobs and tells his uncle, “I miss my mom. I didn’t know she would leave me alone and go. Though I was rude to her, she always stood by me. I know I am being selfish here, but I now have no one to take care of me the way she used to. Now the closer I want her to be, the farther she has gone“.

Parents invest time, money, love, patience and effort in making you the person you are today and probably made many sacrifices in the process.

Don’t ever take them for granted because one day they won’t be here- so make the most of every second you spend with them.

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