8 Things to Talk About for a Healthy Relationship

It was all fun when you first met, every day surprises, new conversations, the special care and attention and you were glad to have found your perfect partner. 

But gradually, you feel like your partner is no more the same person whom you had met before. He/she is now a different person altogether. It happens because couples start running out of topics to talk. Life becomes monotonous and mundane.

Love is not enough to keep a relationship strong, there has to be good communication  between the both of you. The relationship needs to evolve with time to keep reigniting the spark between the couples.

If you pause for a minute and think deep, you will be able to see that each day a person is different from the previous day and that’s because each day is a new day filled with different experiences. So there is a lot to talk about.

And here are a few great things to talk about for couples that can keep the excitement and the love growing strong.

Funny things and Jokes – Share your funny childhood dreams or embarrassing moments. It is good to have some fun and laughter making the relationship more romantic. Women always love when their man makes them laugh as it creates happiness in the relationship. You can even share jokes that you read online or just simply laugh together at silly things like pronouncing a word wrongly.

Future plans, goals and dreams – You always have your own  personal dreams and goals. Like, buying a house together, educational aspirations, a place to go, experimenting new hobbies, financial goals etc. Sharing your goals with one another will help your partner to extend their support and a reason to build greater understanding between one another. Helping each other to achieve their dreams and goals will actually bring both of you closer to one another.

Personal fears – We all share a little discomfort in certain aspects of our lives. Be it the fear of public speaking or insecurities that we have or the fear of following our passion. Communicate your fears with your partner and try to figure out how to combat those fears. You will be surprised to learn how supportive your partner is and an opportunity for both of you to get closer.

Movies and TV show – Sharing your favorite TV shows or movies can be a great conversation builder. You can talk about each others preferred genre or share funny episodes of the movies that you have watched.

Planning a vacation – Start a conversation about the places that you would like to visit. A cruise trip, or a visit to one of your relatives or an adventure sports together. The idea of planning something for a holiday or vacation will spark a lot of conversations. And most importantly it would get you both excited.

Everyday Challenges – Share your family or work issues with your partner. This way you are not alone in facing the issues and you are relieved to have the support of your partner. Build your problem solving skills together. Sticking with one another during challenging times and walking out victoriously will make the relationship more strong.

Compliments – Be generous with your compliments. Don’t miss out seeing the beautiful things in one another. If you think your man drives well, appreciate it. Similarly if your wife takes good care of you, you can appreciate her efforts by saying her that, “you make me want to be a better man”. 

Offer help – You can always extend your help with little chores that your wife does at home. Helping one another reflects care for each other which strengthens the relationship. This way you get to spend more time together and talk simultaneously on any of the above topics.


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