This is how I am going to lose weight by 2019.

In 2012 I asked a store assistant, “Hi, where can I find trousers of size 28 for myself in your store?”.

Again in 2018 while browsing through the trousers section, the store assistant asked me what my size was. To which I embarrassingly replied, “Hi, I am looking for size 34”.

In 6 years I have added 10 kg which means an addition of 1.7 kg every year. And for the past 3 years I have tried different methods to lose weight, the methods were suitable and achievable but everything failed due to lack of discipline.

I enrolled for a one year swimming membership in 2015 with a poor attendance of 3 months. So the next year I made a resolution to start yoga and imagined myself getting back to shape with more flexibility. But instead of making my body flexible, I kept my workout days too flexible which resulted in mere 3.5 months of attendance. Again in 2017, I was gifted a cycle and I vowed to pedal everyday. I contacted MPC (Madurai Peddlers Club), I was warmly welcomed in the group and suggested that I join them every Sunday on longer routes that they take. My first 30 km ride was all that I needed to stop cycling. I was excited, pumped up and determined but the pain took over all the determinations.

So now in 2018, I have found a new method to lose weight. Losing weight by sharing the goal in public. When I am declaring my goals to a group of people and sharing what I said I would be doing, I am counting that I can easily get stuff done because I am engaging the power of social expectations.

I was inspired by this idea of sharing the goal in public by reading about the TV show “This Time Next Year” where people publicly declare their goals and return back next year to show their progress of goal achievement. Contestants have to update the public every month of their efforts in achieving the goal via photos or videos.

The whole idea of making the tougher goals public is that the expectation alone is enough motivation to get you more committed in achieving your goals. Now I believe that to protect my self esteem and reputation, discipline will also work equally to help me accomplish what I have been dreaming to do for the past 3 years. I now have 12 months and 12 kg to lose by 15th Feb 2019.

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