Strangers Helping Strangers

I started driving with my cashless wallet to get some cash withdrawn from the SBI ATM located opposite to Cinepriya theatre. As I stood there in the queue observing the passerby, I noticed something beautiful which had such an impact that it made me raise my eyebrows.
I saw a young man driving out his scooter from the petrol bunk and an elderly woman walking on the pavement with two hefty bags. The sweat on her face seemed like she had walked a long way. She dropped the bags for a moment giving a little rest to the aching wrist and started walking again. The young man was now driving towards the ATM, he slammed sudden brakes to bring his scooter to an immediate halt near the elderly woman.
She shrieked out in fear. He approached her politely asking if she needed any help with the bags or to drop her if she lived nearby. The woman eyed him suspiciously unable to accept the random act of kindness bestowed upon her by the gentleman. She turned him down saying that its okay and that she could manage walking home all by herself. The young man seemed to be very understanding of her legitimate fear, started the ignition and drove down with a smile.
In today’s world due to increase in fraudulent and crime rates, kindness seems to be taking a back seat and safety is everyone’s priority and concern. People are hesitant to offer and accept help fearing that they might get cheated. Kudos to the young man for being a sport by offering help without any hesitation of being judged or turned down. The world is still beautiful and the only means of making it more beautiful is to TRUST.

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